Retopology|Alas Armor Set II

In this second set of the Alas Armor Series, we’ll continue on to retopologizing the the voxel sculpture that we created in the previous set, Voxel Sculpting|Alas Armor Set I in 3D-Coat. We also use Luxology’s Modo modeling toolset to help clean up the retopo mesh, and, we’ll use pmG’s Messiah Studio to explore smoothing angles.

Gideon Klindt designed the character used in this project based video, the futuristic Alas Armor Suit.  You can find more outstanding character designs and artwork from Gideon at

3D-Coat Video Training: Retopology | Alas Armor Series Set II
Go from start to finish with the process of retopologization, using various tools at our disposal. We'll use 3D-Coat as our core tool for (a whole LOT of) retopology, and Modo's modeling tools for mesh cleanup. We'll also discuss some basic surfacing in Messiah Studio as it relates to smoothing groups/angles (Modo & Messiah's version of smoothing groups), and how these angles are affected by the retopo procedure. All work in this set is strongly aimed at low poly asset creation (ie. game assets) with detail work focusing on normal maps.
Author: Javis Jones
Topic: 3D-Coat Voxel Sculpting, 3D-Coat Retopology, Modo Modeling Tools for Retopology, Smoothing angles (Modo & Messiah Studio - Please see the note below regarding this part of the video) and More
Semi-Hard Surface Sculpting, Semi-Organic Sculpting, Voxel Sculpting, Prepping for Retopology, Retopology, Low Poly, Poly Flow, Edge Loops, Low "Pole" Count and More
Length: 11h 7m 12s
Format: .mp4
Resolution: 1280x720
Rating: Beginner/Intermediate
Download file size: Approx. 4GB
Note: Files are all downloadable .zip, a utility such as 7-Zip is recommended
Contents: Sections I-VII (Intro video & training videos 1-23)
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Note: This video has some information regarding Modo 401, which became outdated in 501 (Smoothing Groups are supported in 501+)


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Product FAQ

Q: What other versions of 3D-Coat can I use to follow along this video?
While I used 3D-Coat version 3.5.10 in the video, the retopology tools have not changed much since the beginning of version 3. So you could safely use v3+ and v4.0 to follow this video.

Q: You mention in this video that Modo doesn’t support smoothing groups, but Modo 501 does. What gives?
Yes Modo 501 does support smoothing groups. However the end application is Messiah Studio for this video, and messiah doesn’t support smoothing groups. If you were going directly from 3D-Coat to Modo, Maya, 3DSMax, etc., then you would have no problem and can import from 3D-Coat to one of those applications directly. (Messiah Studio is being used for Animation)

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