3D-Coat Retopology|Alas Armor Section I

Retopology|Alas Armor Section I

3D-Coat Video Training: Retopology | Alas Armor Series - Section I
In this first part of the Retopology|Alas Armor series, we’ll discuss the how, what and why’s of removing details from a voxel sculpture for retopology and later how that fits with texture painting. We’ll also get the voxel sculpture and scene prepared for retopology. All work in this set is strongly aimed at low poly asset creation (ie. game assets) with detail work focusing on normal maps.
Author: Javis Jones
Topic: 3D-Coat Voxel Sculpting, 3D-Coat Retopology
Semi-Hard Surface Sculpting, Semi-Organic Sculpting, Voxel Sculpting, Prepping for Retopology, Retopology and More
Length: 1h 35m 32s
Format: .mp4
Resolution: 1280x720
Rating: Beginner/Intermediate
Download file size: Approx. 450MB
Note: Files are all downloadable .zip, a utility such as 7-Zip is recommended
Contents: Intro video & training videos 1-3
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The set contains videos in .mp4 format which can be played directly on your computer with just about any OS (Windows, Linux (many flavors) & Mac) with VLC Player. At the moment I am only distributing this video set digitally.

A utility such as 7Zip is also needed to decompress the files, which can be downloaded from HERE. I also recommend using VLC Player, as it is supported on Win, Linux & Mac. You can download it HERE.

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Product FAQ

Q: What other versions of 3D-Coat can I use to follow along this video?
While I used 3D-Coat version 3.5.10 in the video, the retopology tools have not changed much since the beginning of version 3. So you could safely use version 3+ to follow this video. This particular Section (I), does use some voxel sculpting tools which are only in specific versions of 3D-Coat, as well as how those tools function. For Section I, you can safely use 3D-Coat version 3.5 to follow this video.

Q: You mention in this video that Modo doesn’t support smoothing groups, but Modo 501 does. What gives?
Yes Modo 501 does support smoothing groups with its Pixar Subdivision surfaces. I use the standard “meta-nurbs” subdivision surfaces in Modo, however the end application is Messiah Studio for this video, and this application supports only the “meta-nurbs” subdivision surfaces. If you were going directly from 3D-Coat to Modo, Maya, 3DSMax, etc., then you would have no problem and should be able to import from 3D-Coat to one of those applications directly. (Messiah Studio is being used for Animation)