Hard Surface Compendium

We’ll heavily use the merge tool in this entire series as it is the basis of “KitBashing”. What is KitBashing? Essentially it is taking existing polygonal meshes, converting them to voxels in 3D-Coat and then “Bashing” them together to much more easily create your ideas. Generally it is better geared toward hard surfaces, which is what we demonstrate in this video and the KitBashing series.

3D-Coat Video Training:Voxel Sculpting|Hard Surface Compendium
This set contains the entire KitBashing series, the Auto Retopology for Hard Surfaces video AND the Merge Tool Essentials set! You can get them all together for a discount price. With this set we cover the entire creation of the SciFi Space Ship with voxels from beginning to end, the merge tool itself as well as the creation of objects for use with the merge tool and how to auto retopologize the SciFi Space Ship.
Author: Javis Jones
Topic: Voxel Hard Surface Sculpting Techniques: 3D-Coat Voxel Merge Tool, Hard Surface Sculpting, Mesh Merging, Cut Outs, Sculpted Details, Auto Retopology, Importing Files... And many more
Running Time: 228 Minutes 9 Seconds
Format: .mp4
Resolution: 1280x720
Rating: Beginner through Intermediate
Contents: 7 Videos (KitBashing Parts 1-4, Auto Retopo for Hard Surfaces and Merge Tool Essentials Parts 1 & 2), Assets from the video & JJ-Nurnies001 Pack
More Information
Note: File is a downloadable .ZIP, a utility such as 7-Zip is required
Note: Recorded with 3DC v3.5, all tools and techniques are v4.0 compatible.


The set contains videos in .mp4 format which can be played directly on your computer with just about any OS (Windows, Linux (many flavors) & Mac) with VLC Player. At the moment I am only distributing this video set digitally. The digital version is on sale NOW, you can add it to your cart below.

A file compression utility is needed to decompress the downloaded file. I recommend 7-Zip, which is supported on Win, Linux & Mac. I also recommend using VLC Player, as it is supported on Win, Linux & Mac. You can download it HERE.

By purchasing, you agree to the terms of use. Got more questions? You should definitely check out the FAQ as well as the Product FAQ below before purchasing!

Product FAQ

Q: What version of 3D-Coat is this for?
While some of the features used in this video are in earlier versions of 3D-Coat (3.0-3.3), it is intended for version 3.5 and up.

Q: Where can I download the content for this video?
The content will be sent directly to your email with the rest of the download links with this bundle. However, if you wish to download it separately you can get it from right HERE.

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