Voxel Sculpting|Alas Armor Set I

Pilgway and I are happy to announce the republication of the video training  for 3D-Coat, entitled “Official 3D-Coat Video Training: Voxel Sculpting|Alas Armor Suit”. This training contains 20+ hours of training, and will take you through nearly every voxel sculpting tool in 3D-Coat v3. We’ll also talk about methods, techniques and some workflow philosophies in 3D-Coat. I cover a bit of both organic and hard-surface sculpting, how to create brushes for 3D-Coat in Photoshop, and also how to use 3D object files to achieve more complex objects.

Gideon Klindt designed the character used in this project based video, the futuristic Alas Armor Suit.  You can find more outstanding character designs and artwork from Gideon at www.gideonklindt.com.

3D-Coat Training: Voxel Sculpting|Alas Armor Set I
Please read the Product FAQ before purchasing.
Containing approximately 22 hours of video training for 3D-Coat v3, this training will take you through many of the Voxel sculpting tools in 3D-Coat, and will have you up and running with techniques and methods to create your sculptures with ease.
Author: Javis Jones
Topic: 3D-Coat Voxel Sculpting
Semi-Hard Surface, Semi-Organic, Brush Creation, Voxel Sculpting and more!
Running Time: Approx. 22 Hours
Size: Approx 4.7GB distributed amongst 9 files
Format: .mp4
Resolution: 1280x720
Rating: Beginner/Intermediate
Note: Comes with 3D-Coat 3.2 Addendum Video. Files are all downloadable .7z, the utility 7-Zip is required
More Information
Note: This video is for safely version 3.0-3.7, while latter versions toward 3.7 will be a little more difficult to follow. This video will not be very easy to follow with version 4.0+, hence the new low price. Please read the Product FAQ before purchasing.

Ship on Disc

The set contains videos in .mp4 format which can be played directly on your computer with just about any OS (Windows, Linux (many flavors) & Mac) with VLC Player. At the moment I am only distributing this video set digitally. Also a noteworthy mention: I’ve recorded and am accompanying an almost 25 minute addendum for changes up to 3D-Coat v3.2!

7Zip is also needed to decompress the files, which can be downloaded from HERE. I also recommend using VLC Player, as it is supported on Win, Linux & Mac. You can download it HERE.

Not sure if you want to buy? I have about 45 minutes of preview material you can view by becoming a member! (It is free after all) You can sign up to be a member HERE.

By purchasing, you agree to the terms of use. Got more questions? You should definitely check out the FAQ as well as the Product FAQ below before purchasing!

Product FAQ

Q: I have version 4.0+ of 3D-Coat, can I still follow along with this tutorial?
A: Yes and no. It will definitely not be very easy to follow with version 4.0+. Names of tools, changes in how tools function and even new tools and workflows in v4.0 drastically change how I would have created the sculpture. As noted below, there is an addendum video for up to v.3.2, I will not be doing one for v4.0 because it would be a new video entirely. While a lot of the information presented within is outdated, there is still some worthy information so instead of removing the product I have drastically discounted the price.

Q: How long is the training?
22 hours.

Q: 22 hours? That’s ridiculous!
Yes, it probably is. I wont be doing training that long again. :)

Q: Is this the same training that you had listed through another seller?
Why yes it is! As is the general rule of humans, we sometimes don’t agree with one another. That said, I now sell this material directly from my site here.

Q: Does this training video contain information for 3D-Coat releases beyond 3D-Coat version 3?
Yes and no. This training was created and intended with v3 in mind, during the Summer/Autumn of 2009, so some of the material is a little outdated. But that said – I’ve recorded an accompanying almost 25 minute addendum for changes up to 3D-Coat v3.2! This video is included in your download links set.

You can find the second set for this series at the following link: Retopology|Alas Armor Series Set II; And also you can buy Alas Armor Series Set I&II together by clicking HERE!

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