NitroTracker Update: v0.4

All I can say is, Whoa!

I’ve been toying around with NitroTracker for a while now, and I frequently check for updates to it, and Colors! Well, it’s great to see an update finally come up NitroTracker. v0.4 has some great features, the ability to envelope your samples is a great addition to the list of tools. You can see the updated list of features over at the NitroTracker Website.

Seriously, if you have a DS… Get yourself a homebrew card and download this awesome tool. You will not regret it! 🙂

Oh, and thanks for the improved Left Handed support. 😉


Colors! for Nintendo DS, and the homebrew scene

So, if you’re unaware, there is a rather large underground scene revolving around the Nintendo DS. It’s a scene of programmers, creating software and games for use with homebrew cards (more on that a little later). With the software ranging anywhere from games to media players, to extremely useful software.

What I am going to focus on, is a rather small niche of this scene. More specifically, the art side of it.

When I was shown a little application called “Colors!” over on the Newtek Forums, for the use with the Nintendo DS and homebrew card, I immediately recognized it’s potential. Though still in it’s infancy, I waited it out, and eventually it became something to behold.

Now, I exclusively draw with it when I’m on the go. It has transformed my Nintendo DS from a portable gaming platform, to a digital sketchbook and music tracker.

What is all this, you might ask? Well, if you’re unfamiliar with what a Nintendo DS is, first I suggest climbing out from the rock you’ve been living under. Then, go pick one up at your local gaming store. To gain access to any of the homebrew applications, you’ll need a homebrew card. The links below will take you to some reputable sites from where you can purchase a card. I recommend the R4 or M3 Real. Both are great. Though I also hear the CycloDS is pretty slick as well.

Those should get you started on a card. I purchased mine from, shipping was quick (1.5 days, during Xmas) and their customer service was excellent. So, you’ll also need a microSD card. Each homebrew card can use certain types of MicroSD cards, so check out which ones work on what cards before you buy any old MicroSD card.

Next, head on over to THIS page. It is the home of Colors!, download it, and put it onto your MicroSD card. If you’re an artist, or an aspiring artist like myself, Colors! will certainly be great to have around. If you want to take a gander at what other people are creating with this insanely great program, check out the official GALLERY here.

One other application of interest NitroTracker. It’s a music tracking program for NintendoDS, another homebrew. THIS link will take you the the homepage. I also recommend checking it out. Even if you’re not a musician, it’s still fun to dink around with.

After all is said and done, assuming you don’t have a NintendoDS already, you’ll have spent about $195USD. Not too bad for a digital sketchbook if you ask me!


Starting point.

This is my new website. So if you happen to notice (and how could you not?) that it looks very unfinished, you’ll know why. I’m hoping to have a good core set up this coming weekend. Then, I should be uploading all of my “art” into their respective galleries.

That is all. /endtransmission