I’m a Freelance 3D Artist and tutor. I’ve been tutoring since mid-2009.

When I’m not working on freelance projects I’m usually found recording training videos, tutoring, 3DCG consulting, and frequenting 3DCG trade shows. I also do photo shoots now again.

For years I’ve been studying while I work. The anatomies of many animals, humans, and insects. The motion of humans and other animals. Facial expressions. Architecture, and many other areas and topics that I think will help me in my endless quest to be a better artist and understand how things work. Of course… One can never study enough; Eternally a student of life and so forth.

I draw inspiration from many areas. Some of them are writings, others movies or shows, a number of games, and of course, life experiences.

I currently reside in Portland, Oregon, which has been my place of residence for many years. I love Oregon, not only for its lush forests, many rivers, mountains but also the flora and fauna.