FREE 3D-Coat Training now live!

Official 3D-Coat Training on Vimeo

I am very proud to announce the launch of the Official 3D-Coat FREE Training Channel on Vimeo! You can find the channel HERE.

This Channel will carry any free tutorials and training that we publish and is an invaluable resource for those new and existing users alike.

The first series of videos on this new channel, are a part of the new free Retopology Series. Series one, covers the retopology tools in use on a human head. Series two, covers the retopology tools in use on a spider creature. In these two Retopology Series I discuss and describe at great length topics such as: Edge flow, mesh topology for deformation & animation, and the use of specific retopology tools.

You can find the Retopology Series HERE or as mentioned above, you can also view the Retopology Series on the new Official 3D-Coat Free Training Channel HERE!

More videos will be added as time goes on. You can subscribe to the channel on Vimeo to get updates when new videos are posted!

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