Speed Modeling Contests

As of last week, I have entered two Speed Modeling Contests over at the NewTek forums.

The first, for last week, was to model a gadget from the James Bond films. It could be an item from either a good or bad guy… So, I chose to model the teeth of JAWS. I kept it simple, but alas, the horrible repeating texture I decided to throw on at last minute was obviously a huge mistake.

Item: JAWS Teeth

Modeling time: 58 Minutes



The contest for this week was to model an item that would aid somewhere in the kitchen. I decided to model a Les Feuilles style Absinthe spoon, along with a glass of Absinthe. This time however, I decided to make no last minute changes to ruin a good render. Wew, did it pay off. Second image has wireframes.

Item: Les Feuilles Absinthe Spoon & Glass
Modeling time: Just under 50 Minutes


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